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Mugen Souls (PlayStation 3)

Complex but repetitive and grating, Mugen Souls is overwhelming for all the wrong reasons.

By 26 October 2012

2 stars Editors' rating 26 October 2012

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Latest Honda CR-Z Mugen concept is rated RR

If you thought the Honda CR-Z Mugen was extreme, just wait until you see the CR-Z Mugen RR concept.

By 7 July 2011


Honda unveils 198-horsepower CR-Z Mugen concept

Honda's CR-Z gets supercharged by Mugen for close to 200hp. Is this the car Honda should have built in the first place? Well, no...

By 19 May 2011


Honda CR-Z hybrid 'Westwooded' by Mugen

The word sporty and hybrid don't often appear in the same sentence, but that could soon change with the release of a new Honda CR-Z modified by Japanese pimping outfit Mugen

By 15 July 2010


Photos: Honda's 2008 SEMA showings

The Honda Civic HFP Sedan Concept was unveiled alongside tuned vehicles by Mugen, Tjin, and Galpin.

By 8 November 2008