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Motion simulator readies NASA for moon landing (photos)

A look at NASA's massive Vertical Motion Simulator, where engineers are working on designs for the next generation of human occupied space vehicles, such as the Altair lunar lander.

10 Images By 28 November 2009


NASA's virtual space exploration

NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley is home to SimLabs--simulation laboratories where you can take control of a virtual airport or explore the skies and space with the Vertical Motion Simulator. Take a look inside the facility.

2 November 2007


The ultimate motion simulator

Listed for $300,000 at FAO Schwarz

By 13 December 2006


TL1 motion sim boasts 180-degree screen -- for $18.5K

New all-in-one racing, flight, and first-person-shooting motion simulator comes with some pretty nifty hardware. It will cost you, though.

By 9 May 2012


NASA tech simulates moon landing (audio slideshow)

Inside the massive Vertical Motion Simulator at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., engineers test designs for next-generation lunar landers.

By 28 November 2009


A wild ride on NASA's massive flight simulator

The Vertical Motion Simulator trains all comers in capsule landings, helicopter flights, and even bobsled runs. Now it's helping in the design of next-gen lunar landers.

By 27 November 2009