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3D printer can print 'fruit'

A 3D printer uses 3D printing combined with molecular gastronomy to create 3D "fruits" in a matter of minutes.

By 26 May 2014


Stick an Aromafork in traditional cuisine

Molecule-R makes molecular gastronomy kits for everyday people. Their newest gadget makes scents where no scents have gone before.

By 29 March 2014


Bring chemistry to the kitchen

Explore molecular gastronomy in your own kitchen with the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit from ThinkGeek.

By 3 February 2010


Cooking high-tech style at CES

Molly Wood talks to "Top Chef's" Richard Blais about molecular gastronomy and cooking tech, and gets hands-on with some liquid nitrogen. Turns out, it makes good popcorn!

By 9 January 2011


Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser for tea in the lab or at home

The Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser is a handy way to steep a cup of tea.

By 9 November 2013


Designer brings science to the kitchen

The science of cooking gets a new meaning with these prototype appliances inspired by CERN equipment.

By 30 January 2014


Eureka! A scientific formula for the perfect grilled cheese

Scientists at the British Royal Society of Chemistry have revealed the science for creating the ideal grilled cheese on toast. Now that's an experiment we can get behind.

By 21 August 2013


Kit lets you cook like a scientist

The Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit contains everything necessary to explore the growing trend. The kit comes complete with five additives, necessary tools, and an instructional DVD.

By 27 January 2011


'Top Chef' techs it up at CES

Appearing at the Bravo booth at CES, former "Top Chef" contestant Richard Blais applies a bit of science and tech in his cooking demos to serve up some snacks to the hungry crowd.

By 8 January 2011