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3D printer can print 'fruit'

A 3D printer uses 3D printing combined with molecular gastronomy to create 3D "fruits" in a matter of minutes.

By 26 May 2014


Stick an Aromafork in traditional cuisine

Molecule-R makes molecular gastronomy kits for everyday people. Their newest gadget makes scents where no scents have gone before.

By 29 March 2014


Cooking high-tech style at CES

Molly Wood talks to "Top Chef's" Richard Blais about molecular gastronomy and cooking tech, and gets hands-on with some liquid nitrogen. Turns out, it makes good popcorn!

By 9 January 2011


Bring chemistry to the kitchen

Explore molecular gastronomy in your own kitchen with the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit from ThinkGeek.

By 3 February 2010