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Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Dell's entry into the Netbook market means it's time to take these low-cost, low-power PCs seriously. The Inspiron Mini 9 is an excellent example of the form, if not radically different from the competition.

By 5 September 2008

4 stars Editors' rating 5 September 2008

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Opera Mini 9 browser squeezes video down to size for iOS

Opera Software's newest browser for Apple's mobile OS incorporates a data-compression feature to cut down on video problems. It's also tuned for new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens.

By 6 November 2014


Dell's Mini 12 bites the dust (but the Mini 9 is still hanging on)

Dell's 12-inch Netbook has officially been given the boot, while the 9-inch, which had been pulled off Dell's official list of systems in June, is still available in a handful of configurations.

By 10 August 2009


Dell Mini 9: I'm baaack...

Dell has brought back it's Inspiron Mini 9 until July 27 for those who wanted to purchase it for its unexpected ending.

By 25 July 2009


Dell cans its Mini 9 Netbook

Computer giant is the latest manufacturer to move away from 8.9-inch-screen devices. More consumers apparently prefer screen sizes of 10 inches and above.

By 2 June 2009


Get a refurbished Dell Mini 9 Netbook for $178

If you can live with the low-end specifications, you won't find a better deal on a Netbook. Probably ever. Through Dell's outlet store, you can find this well-liked Inspiron in white or black.

By 30 January 2009


Get a Dell Mini 9 Netbook for $299 shipped

It's definitely an entry-level model, but aren't all Netbooks just entry-level laptops anyway?

By 10 December 2008


Dell Mini 9

In the relatively new Netbook category, Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 stands out as an excellent example of the form. So much so that it's also our top laptop gift for the 2008 Holiday Gift Guide.

By 30 October 2008


Hands-on with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9

There aren't many surprises--leaks had revealed the system's design and features--but it's still exciting to see a major player back the Netbook concept in a big way.

By 4 September 2008


Dell Inspiron Mini 9

The computer giant gets in on the tiny laptop action with a new Netbook.

5 September 2008