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Facebook, Twitter reportedly blocked in Turkey amid military coup

Turkey's president reportedly uses his iPhone's FaceTime app to broadcast messages and urge the public to resist the coup attempt.

By 16 July 2016


Pokemon Go player detained after wandering into military base

The 27-year-old man was later released when it became clear he had entered the Indonesian military complex unintentionally, while hunting for Pokemon.

By 19 July 2016


New smartphone offers military grade security...for $16,000

The newly unveiled Solarin offers mighty encryption for an ever mightier price tag.

By 2 June 2016


Uber wants to expand on military bases

The ride-sharing company recruits 50,000 veterans, spouses and service members to its UberMilitary program.

By 8 April 2016


This crazy military meat could change how you eat (pictures)

The US Army's new everlasting meat will soon be on your dinner plate, too. And if that doesn't tempt you, how about a "forever pizza"?

24 Images By 12 February 2016


Man arrested for allegedly selling hacked military info to terrorists

Ardit Ferizi of Kosovo was arrested in Malaysia on terrorism charges and is set for extradition to the US.

By 17 October 2015


15 crazy pieces of tech available only to the military (pictures)

The military has a tough job, so maybe it's only fair that they get the coolest...tech...ever.

15 Images By 29 September 2015


Israeli military uses tech as its protective edge

As part of Road Trip 2015, CNET visits a handful of Israel Defense Forces bases to see an F-16I fighter jet, advanced missile defense systems and a pilot's helmet packed with wearable tech.

By 24 September 2015


Republican convention gets 'bomb robots' like the one used against the Dallas shooter

Ohio law-enforcement agencies have at least 20 robots similar to the kind that was rigged with a bomb by Dallas police earlier this month.

By 18 July 2016


These tech-savvy military dogs will kill you with cuteness (pictures)

It's a high-risk, high-tech dog's life for these Navy K-9s who are pure 10s to their human partners.

15 Images By 2 September 2015