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Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 wins plaudits for display, says researcher

Microsoft's newest 12-inch tablet has one of the best displays of any tablet out there, according to DisplayMate Technologies. That's no mean feat.

By 30 July 2014


5-year-old finds Xbox security flaw, becomes Microsoft researcher

A boy works out how to get into his dad's Xbox Live account without a password. Microsoft not only plugs the flaw but appoints Kristoffer Von Hassel as a security researcher.

By 5 April 2014


Microsoft researchers think local with HereHere

Researchers at Microsoft's FuSE Labs launch a second project that investigates the intersection of hyper-local content and civic engagement.

By 11 March 2014


Microsoft Research: laptops more reliable than desktops, faster CPUs fail quicker

For reasons known only to the great churning of the internet, a paper published in April 2011 and presented at EuroSys 2011 has only just bubbled to the top of web consciousness and looks into consumer hardware failures across a million PCs.

By 27 June 2012


Microsoft snags Yahoo scientists for new research lab

Software giant hires a handful of Yahoo's brightest scientists for a New York lab that will focus on social interaction.

By 3 May 2012


Stanford researcher exposes Microsoft's Wi-Fi database

To pressure Microsoft to curb access to its geolocation database, researcher creates Web page that lets people send queries based on their--or someone else's--computer's unique Wi-Fi address.

By 30 July 2011


Microsoft collects phone location data without permission, says researcher

Samy Kamkar, hired by class action law firm, says he's found an example of a Windows Phone 7 app transmitting latitude and longitude even if the user says "no."

By 1 September 2011


Microsoft offers $250,000 for security defense research

Redmond still says no to bug bounties, but offers a $200,000 first prize and $50,000 second prize instead for research in security defense.

By 4 August 2011


Key Microsoft Kinect researcher jumps to Google

Johnny Chung Lee, a researcher in Microsoft's Applied Sciences group and a key player in the development of Kinect, has gone to Google.

By 20 January 2011


Microsoft researchers battle blurry pix

A team of researchers has tackled the issue by coming up with a set of algorithms to help sharpen blurry photos.

By 4 August 2010