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Jins Meme

Sensing eye movement and head motion, these smart fitness glasses from a Japanese eyewear company are aiming to reduce driving fatigue...and look completely normal.

By 13 January 2015

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Nickelback-hating meme must stop, says comedian Jim Gaffigan

Technically Incorrect: You're supposed to hate Nickelback because you're supposed to hate Nickelback. On Conan O'Brien's show, Gaffigan asks why.

By 1 July 2016


'Unexpected John Cena' is no longer just an internet meme

The prank has been the bane of many an internet user's existence for some time, but now John Cena and Cricket Wireless are using it for good.

By 30 June 2016


Drake is so tired of you putting him in memes

Technically Incorrect: On "Saturday Night Live," everyone's beloved rapper sings that he's fed up of you loving him in memes.

By 16 May 2016


'Onward Kasich': Ted Cruz exit rallies tweets, memes

The Republican candidate drops out of the presidential race and the Internet drops into comedy mode.

By 4 May 2016


Bernie Sanders' bizarre bird encounter inspires new 'Birdie Sanders' memes

During a rally in Portland, Oregon, a bird perches on US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' podium and the crowd goes wild. People on Twitter rebrand the moment with meme tweets. Get it? Tweets?

By 27 March 2016


Don't eat these dogs! Memes show similarities between food and pups

Ever looked at a puppy and thought that it was just so cute that you could eat the little darling alive? That expression has become even more morbid thanks to a new round of memes that show how similar some dogs look next to bagels or a pile of deep fried chicken.

By 11 March 2016


The political memes and Moments making America tweet again

The US presidential primaries may not yet have outdone Leonardo DiCaprio, but the memes are mounting. Twitter's top curator picks the microblogging service's best political Moments so far.

By 2 March 2016


These Donald Trump meme contest entries will make your day great again (pictures)

Designers from the DesignCrowd community have been at work reimagining all things Trump during his, uh, notable campaign, resulting in some real meme masterpieces.

8 Images By 2 March 2016


10 big-game fails that kicked off winning memes (pictures)

Standout Super Bowl moments from Left Shark to botched national anthem lyrics have inspired the Internet to make some of its most iconic memes. We're talking about you, Richard Sherman.

10 Images By 7 February 2016