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Optus brings mobile coverage underground for Melbourne trains

​Melbourne commuters will be able to say goodbye to mobile black spots on trains with Optus set to bring mobile coverage underground on parts of the network by the end of the year.

By 16 June 2014


IRL Shooter part two lined up for Melbourne

IRL Shooter is seeking funding to begin sessions for Lazarus, the second part of its real-life first-person shooter, in Melbourne in October.

By 7 April 2014


Next Big Thing Summit coming to Melbourne, Kurzweil to keynote

There's a big new tech show in Melbourne next week, complete with a trade show expo plus a wealth of great speakers, including Ray Kurzweil and Chris Anderson.

By 7 March 2014


CNET's Melbourne photo walk: architecture how-to

Learn how to take stunning architecture photos with award-winning photographer Rocco Ancora, as he leads the CNET photo walk in Melbourne.

14 Images By 20 September 2013


CNET Australia's Melbourne photo walk: Sunday, 15 September

Attention Melbourne photographers! Come join us for a fun day out to learn the ins and outs of architectural photography.

By 4 September 2013


Melbourne IT tells how hacker launched NY Times cyberattack

The newspaper's domain name registrar says that someone took over a reseller account on Melbourne IT's systems to take down the Web site of The New York Times.

By 28 August 2013


Crowdsourced photo project to reconstruct Melbourne

A new research project is crowdsourcing photos of Melbourne taken with a dedicated app to help construct a vision of the city's past and present appearance.

By 22 May 2013


Pandora holds listening parties in Sydney, Melbourne

The internet radio service Pandora is hosting listener events in Melbourne and Sydney to welcome users to the fold.

By 3 December 2012


Australian PAX expo confirmed for Melbourne

The first Australian Penny Arcade Expo will be held in Melbourne from 19-21 July 2013.

By 22 October 2012


Optus 4G goes live in Melbourne

Optus today announced that the Melbourne expansion of its 4G network is now live, covering the city for approximately 10km from the CDB.

By 15 September 2012