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Mega Man Zero 3

The third instalment of the Mega Man Zero series is much improved over its predecessors.

10 December 2004

0 stars Editors' rating 10 December 2004

Typical price: $70.00


Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

For an old game, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X holds up well. But take note -- old game also means old school, so prepare for a challenge.

30 March 2006

0 stars Editors' rating 30 March 2006

Typical price: $80.00


Skoda's 'Mega Man-Pram': A manly stroller for manly dads

Skoda Auto has unveiled a giant, high-spec stroller that it's calling "the ultimate accessory for new dads."

By 31 July 2013


Mega Man board game kills it on Kickstarter

Just a few short months after Mega Man's spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 became one of the highest ever funded Kickstarter games, a new Mega Man project is making crowdfunding waves.

By 13 December 2013


Mega Man creator storms Kickstarter with spiritual successor

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has taken to Kickstarter to fund Mighty No. 9, a "spiritual successor" to Mega Man series of games that began in 1987.

By 3 September 2013


Rest your weary head in a Mega Man helmet and pillow

Mega Man fans can snooze in style with a soft blue helmet and Mega Buster arm cannon designed for retro gaming nap time.

By 13 April 2013


Mario, Link, and Mega Man immortalized in Lego mosaics

Video game mosaics get resurrected in Lego form.

By 28 April 2009


Meeting Mega Man's maker

Mega Man creator and Capcom game producer Keiji Inafune appeared at a GameStop in New York to sign games and hand out T-shirts during the launch of Mega Man Star Force.

By 9 August 2007


Samsung Galaxy stops bullet during fight, report says

A report from China suggests two men get into a confrontation. One has a knife, the other a gun. A Samsung Galaxy Mega saves the day.

By 4 August 2014


New Gorillaz album to be produced on an iPad

Mega-famous Gorillaz front man and songwriter Damon Albarn reveals that he has been recording the next Gorillaz album on his iPad.

By 16 November 2010