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IBM forms medical-imaging collaborative to battle major diseases

The Watson Health initiative taps "cognitive imaging" tech to help doctors worldwide tackle breast cancer, diabetes and eye and heart disease and more.

By 23 June 2016


Google plays doctor by identifying your medical symptoms

An update to Google's mobile app and website lets you search for symptoms and receive a list of possible conditions and other details.

By 21 June 2016


Special delivery: Zipline, UPS partner to carry medical supplies by drone in Rwanda

The service, paid for by the Rwandan government, will serve as a testing ground for drone delivery.

By 9 May 2016


Zipline, UPS partner on drone delivery of medical supplies (pictures)

At a press demonstration of the Zipline drone, the unmanned vehicle delivered a package of fake blood from the air.

10 Images By 9 May 2016


Google has access to medical data of 1.6M UK patients

The data, held by AI subsidiary DeepMind, includes patient HIV status, recorded overdoses and abortions.

By 30 April 2016


Dive into medical drama 'Code Black' with 360-degree video

The freshman drama puts you inside a bustling emergency room with a new immersive video. We speak with the creator and executive producers about virtual reality and the evolution of storytelling.

By 4 February 2016


Watch a hernia surgery live in VR

Surgical video library site Giblib and camera maker 360fly team up for a public broadcast of the procedure in 360-degree video.

By 28 July 2016


Friends find and help sick man while out playing Pokemon Go

An antidote to all those stories of Pokemon Go-related mishaps: three friends find an ill man while out playing the game and make sure he gets medical aid.

By 22 July 2016


Meet Ava, the wearable that helps couples get pregnant

A Swiss startup wants to revolutionize reproductive health with a wristband that pinpoints a woman's fertility window.

By 26 July 2016


Marvel reveals more mysteries in second 'Doctor Strange' trailer

See Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme using magic to tackle mayhem caused by a supernatural enemy.

By 24 July 2016