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Amazon's $99 FireTV media streamer

Amazon takes on Apple TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast with a zippy media streamer that doubles as a game console

By 3 April 2014


Asus Qube media streamer with Google TV

At CES 2013, we take a First Look at the Asus' media streaming box.

By 8 January 2013


Google Nexus Q media streamer

The Nexus Q's striking, orblike hardware can't outweigh the extreme limitations of this Android-only, Google-only media streamer.

By 9 August 2012


Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Nexus Q: Media streamers compared

Google's Nexus Q is the newest kid on the streaming block. CNET puts it head-to-head with our favorite tried-and-true stalwarts, the Apple TV and the Roku.

By 30 June 2012


T-Box now a media streamer with My Media update

Telstra today announced a major update to the T-Box set-top box, expanding the current functionality of the unit to include media playback from external storage devices over Wi-Fi and USB.

By 21 February 2012


Six reasons receivers shouldn't be media streamers

This year's AV receivers are poor choices as media streamers because of their mediocre graphical user interfaces, sluggish navigation, high cost of replacement, infrequent updates, and complex remotes.

By 13 June 2011


Seagate to launch iPhone app for GoFlex TV media streamer

Seagate has updated its FreeAgent GoFlex TV streaming media product to include Pandora and will soon roll out an iPhone remote control app for the product.

By 6 January 2011


Please Explain: Media Streamer

Have you got some video or audio files stored on your computer that you'd like to play on your TV? You can do it if you have a media streamer. Craig Simms explains more.

By 15 October 2010


Boxee Box Web-connected media streamer in hands-on photo action

The Boxee Box is one of the most highly anticipated pieces of home-cinema hardware ever. Can it bring everything we need to our TVs? We sure hope so...

16 Images By 5 October 2010


HDX Bone review: Android on your TV with a mini media streamer

The HDX bone is more than just a media streamer, it's also capable of running Android, which could turn your TV into something more exciting than just a vessel for interminable football

By 22 June 2010