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VLC for iOS

As long as you have the videos to watch, VLC's gesture controls and smooth performance make it an excellent app for video playback.

23 January 2014

4 stars Editors' rating 23 January 2014

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Uebo M200 Media Player

Priced competitively with similar products, the M200 is a great networked media streamer for the do-it-yourself content guru.

24 August 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating 24 August 2010

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Western Digital TV Media Player

If you don't already own an Xbox 360, PS3, or Blu-ray player and you're serious about networked streaming, the WD TV Live is one of your best choices for getting content to your TV.

11 June 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating 11 June 2010

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Adobe Media Player 1.0

It's not just another media player, its a new platform, and one with excellent design, but we still need better content to remain interested.

14 April 2008

3.5 stars Editors' rating 14 April 2008

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Asus O!Play HDP-R1 Media Player

The O!Play might have a silly name, but this is one seriously good media streaming solution, as long as you don't need Windows streaming.

4 December 2009

4 stars Editors' rating 4 December 2009

Typical price: $119.00


WD TV HD Media Player (winter 2009)

While it isn't infallible, the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player plays back a wide array of audio, video, and image files on your TV without the need for a computer.

13 February 2009

3.5 stars Editors' rating 13 February 2009

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Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player

The Eco Media Player may be overkill for recreational camping, but it's a perfect boredom-buster for globe trekkers, extreme outdoorsman, or MacGyver.

12 October 2007

3 stars Editors' rating 12 October 2007

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Windows Media Player 11

For Windows XP users, Windows Media Player 11 is a must-have upgrade. It's Microsoft's best jukebox effort to date, thanks to a thoughtful redesign, impressive performance, and a ton of useful features.

15 May 2006

4 stars Editors' rating 15 May 2006

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VLC for iOS gets a redesign with new playback controls (pictures)

The open source video player that's been a long-time favorite on desktops now has a new look and more features in its iOS counterpart.

5 Images By 23 January 2014


El Kameleon JVC EXAD KD-AVX77 media player

The JVC KD-AVX77 El Kameleon is a great receiver for system builders, but the touch-screen interface isn't as easy to use as some of the competition's physical control schemes.

31 July 2009

4 stars Editors' rating 31 July 2009

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