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EA's Sims 4 adds new restriction-free gender customization options

The update to the 2014 simulation game lets users dress their sims in any way they want without the previous gender rules in place.

By 6 June 2016


Rumour: Apple gearing up for an iPad Maxi launch

A Korean website is reporting that Apple will be launching a 12.9-inch iPad Maxi in 2014.

By 29 May 2013


Man arrested for iPad Mini theft reportedly had maxi mouth

Worker at JFK airport arrested by FBI in connection with theft of two pallets of Minis was allegedly less than stealthy.

By 18 November 2012


Why not a range of iPads? Maybe an iPad Mini, Midi, and Maxi?

The latest rumor suggests that the standard iPad will get an upgrade as the little iPad is launched. But why not follow skirts and offer a range of options?

By 22 October 2012


Rejoice! SimCity's offline mode has landed

Maxis is finally launching a much-requested offline mode to the city-building game Tuesday around the world.

By 19 March 2014


iPad Mini or iPod Touch Maxi -- it may not matter

Will Apple's rumored 7-inch tablet be a smaller iPad or a bigger iPod Touch? The Nexus 7 experience suggests it might make no difference, especially when content is the new killer app.

By 7 August 2012


SimCity gets offline play mode. Finally.

A mere ten months after launch, Maxis confirms that offline play will be included in the next SimCity update.

By 14 January 2014


Hallelujah! SimCity finally gets an offline mode

Maxis confirms that the next update to the city-building game will allow you to play without an Internet connection.

By 14 January 2014


Maxis 360: Mount your camera magnetically

Nifty contraption featured on Kickstarter could come in handy when trying to capture subjects in hard-to-reach places.

By 30 May 2012


EA admits SimCity could have had offline play

After SimCity's ignominious launch and the outcry over the buggy always-online model, Maxis head Lucy Bradshaw has admitted that the game could have run offline.

By 19 March 2013