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Oracle pledges $3 million to help girls learn science, math and tech

The business-software maker worked with the White House to donate $200 million to support computer science education in the US. Now it's adding even more to focus on women's education.

By 15 June 2016


Ben Affleck + maths = action in 'The Accountant' trailer

It's Batman vs. the Punisher as Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal appear in this new action movie.

By 14 May 2016


Academic questioned by American Airlines officials for doing math on plane

Technically Incorrect: An Ivy League expert in search theory says the math he was writing may have been mistaken by a passenger for some sort of code, possibly terroristic. Oh, and he has dark skin.

By 8 May 2016


Are we alone in the universe? Not likely, according to math

By flipping the question of possible alien life to a question of whether we are unique, researchers find it much more likely the universe has seen many civilisations come and go.

By 4 May 2016


Twitter counts on new math to show user growth, stock tanks

Using a new way to tally active tweeters, the microblogging service says it added users in the first quarter. Even so, sales fell short.

By 27 April 2016


Ex-baller Jose Canseco does the math on nuking Mars

Living on Mars might not be rocket science, if the former baseball MVP has anything to say about it.

By 12 December 2015


The math of humor: Why 'snunkoople' makes you squeal

A mathematical formula that predicts which words people find funny might not get its own Comedy Central special, but it does offer insights into the human mind.

By 2 December 2015


Is the universe expanding faster than we thought?

New data from the Hubble Space Telescope seems to indicate that the universe is expanding up to nine percent faster than expected.

By 3 June 2016


Bride dumps groom over his math incompetence

Technically Incorrect: If you think that 15 plus 6 is 17, you are not worthy of this bride in Uttar Pradesh, India.

By 14 March 2015


Use your phone's camera to solve equations with PhotoMath

With PhotoMath, you can use your phone to scan an equation and immediately receive the answer.

By 29 October 2014