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How Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer set up her potential downfall

Mayer reportedly reneged on a secret deal with an activist investor to cut costs.

By 18 June 2016


Yahoo's Marissa Mayer defends her maternity leave

Yahoo's CEO, who gave birth to twins last year, has been criticized for taking a limited amount of time off work after having her babies and setting a bad example to her employees. That is not the case, she says.

By 6 May 2016


Even if Yahoo dissolves, CEO Marissa Mayer will still make bank

The company is sinking deeper into the abyss but Marissa Mayer will get a payout no matter her company's fate.

By 20 April 2016


Yahoo's board is under attack, the latest headache for Marissa Mayer

The company is under fire from a successful activist investor group attempting to get the Internet pioneer's board to clean house, starting, possibly, with its CEO.

By 25 March 2016


Marissa Mayer unveils make-or-break plan for Yahoo

The beleaguered CEO of the struggling Internet pioneer delivers a "bold" strategic plan. She is cutting jobs, selling patents and real estate, and inviting would-be acquirers to speak up.

By 3 February 2016


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gives birth to twins

After a long week filled with board meetings and speculation about the future of her company, Mayer delivers identical twin daughters.

By 11 December 2015


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announces she's pregnant with twins

As with the birth of her son three years ago, Mayer writes that she plans to limit the amount of maternity leave she takes.

By 1 September 2015


Marissa Mayer still trying to return Yahoo 'to greatness'

The Internet giant's chief executive, who celebrates her third anniversary as CEO in July, talks about where Yahoo is headed during today's shareholders meeting. The goal is to "build ourselves a future."

By 25 June 2015


Sleepy Marissa Mayer said to miss marketing opportunity

At a time when ad revenue is increasingly important, the Yahoo CEO reportedly keeps high-level marketing executives waiting for hours because she overslept.

By 24 June 2014


Marissa Mayer: Aviate key to Yahoo's mobile ad biz

During Marissa Mayer's tenure as CEO, Yahoo has acquired many companies. But Mayer singled out the artificial intelligence service Aviate for its potential to help the company make big ad bucks on mobile.

By 16 April 2014