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Essential camera equipment for photography students

Whether taking a photography course for school, university or pleasure, here are some tools to make the learning experience as smooth as can be.

By 30 January 2014


Manfrotto 585 Modosteady 3-in-1 Multifunction Camcorder Stabilizer

Manfrotto's Modosteady Three-in-One cleverly combines a tabletop tripod, a shoulder brace, and a counterbalance stabilizer for shooting video, but most of that's moot if you've got a good optical stabilizer in your camcorder.

By 10 December 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating 10 December 2007

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Behind the scenes with a Google trusted photographer

Businesses across the world are being photographed as part of Google's mapping and Street View services. We spoke with a Google trusted photographer about how these images are taken.

By 20 September 2012


Hands on with the Manfrotto Modopocket

Hands on with the Manfrotto Modopocket tabletop tripod.

By 2 December 2009


Manfrotto Modopocket (photos)

Photos of the Manfrotto Modopocket table-top tripod.

8 Images By 2 December 2009


Manfrotto's new CX-Series tripods

Manfrotto has announced three new carbon fiber tripods, two of which employ the company's Q90 center column technology.

By 6 March 2008


Manfrotto Motosteady

We take a look at Manfrotto Motosteady 3-in-1 stabilizer camcorder from the stage at CES 2008.

22 May 2008


Five inexpensive ways to end blurry snapshots

A little stabilization can make all the difference when you're trying to get a blur-free photo and these mini tripods will get you there.

By 15 December 2009


Fit a notebook on your tripod

The Tallyn laptop deck is like a tripod's ballhead and can be fixed to most Manfrotto or Studio Titan tripods.

By 16 October 2009


Top ten DIY photography tips

We're going to tell you how to stand out from the Jessops jockeys with ten DIY tips for distinctive looking -- and almost free -- photography hardware

By 1 November 2009