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Monoprice Noise Canceling Headphone

Monoprice's Noise Canceling Headphones are about 70 percent as good as the Bose QC15s for a little more than a third of the price.

6 April 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating 6 April 2013

Pricing not available


Kobo Arc

The Kobo Arc is a fine tablet that simply doesn't offer enough compelling reasons to seriously consider it.

2 February 2013

3 stars Editors' rating 2 February 2013

Pricing not available


Ultimate Spider-Man

Despite its flaws, Ultimate Spider-Man is an excellent action title that's a welcome addition to the Spidey line-up. It's great fun while it lasts, so give your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man another swing.

20 October 2005

0 stars Editors' rating 20 October 2005

Typical price: $80.00


Monster Digital Le Mans

The Monster Digital Le Mans will turn your hard-drive-based computer into one with much better performance, but at a price you shouldn't pay for.

28 July 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 28 July 2012

Pricing not available


Mega Man Zero 3

The third instalment of the Mega Man Zero series is much improved over its predecessors.

10 December 2004

0 stars Editors' rating 10 December 2004

Typical price: $70.00


Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

For an old game, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X holds up well. But take note -- old game also means old school, so prepare for a challenge.

30 March 2006

0 stars Editors' rating 30 March 2006

Typical price: $80.00


Google sees alleged child porn in man's email, alerts police

A Houston man is charged after police say Google tips them off to alleged child porn in his e-mail.

By 4 August 2014


One man's broken iPhone is another man's art

Twice Used, a project launched by a smartphone repair specialist, wants to make modern household products out of our stories of "clumsiness and everlasting remorse."

By 16 November 2013


Batman's is bigger than Iron Man's -- headquarters that is

Real estate blog Movoto has stacked up superhero hideouts, from the tiny Shady Shoals Rest Home to the giant planet of Oa. The results are supercool.

By 25 April 2014


Man demands iPhone 6 as dowry, report says

In Saudi Arabia, the brother of a bride-to-be is reportedly insisting that her fiance provide him with an iPhone 6 for her hand.

By 17 September 2014