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Nelson Mandela tops Google's 2013 searches

What other people, products, and events made it onto the search giant's year-end zeitgeist?

By 18 December 2013


Quick Take: LG LV4400 series

The LV4400 series is a budget LCD range that forgoes extraneous features for a 120Hz mode and an LED backlight.

By 1 February 2012


LG 47LV5500 series (photos)

The LG 47LV5500 is one of the poorer LCD entries from LG this year as it's afflicted by an uncontrollable LED backlight, which means it's not competitive at its price point.

10 Images By 11 November 2011


LG Infinia LV5500 series

The LG 55LV5500 is one of the poorer LCD entries from LG this year as it's afflicted by an uncontrollable backlight and isn't very competitive at its price point.

By 11 November 2011


The 404 1,251: Where we find the cipher in the sound (podcast)

Leaked from today's show: Facebook cryptography, steganography in social media, crowd-sourcing a witch hunt, and demonic portraits purposely hidden beneath waves of electronic music.

By 18 April 2013


Ford Focus RS (LV) in depth

The Ford Focus RS is proof positive that even in this economic rationalist world, the crazy and madcap can not only come to fruition, but challenge established notions.

45 Images By 9 August 2011


Ford Focus RS (LV) review

21 June 2011


ChargeCard: USB cable for iPhone that fits in your wallet

New Kickstarter project claims to be slimmest charging and data cable for iOS devices.

By 18 July 2012


Intel's 'Centerton' is first Atom chip for servers

Chip giant will launch a special Atom chip for servers to take on its nemesis ARM.

By 12 April 2012


Man accused of trying to buy microwave with $1 million bill

A man allegedly walks into a Wal-Mart and tries to buy a microwave, a vacuum cleaner and other items in return for a $1 million bill. But how easy is it to secure a $1 million bill?

By 3 January 2012