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Microsoft collects phone location data without permission, says researcher

Samy Kamkar, hired by class action law firm, says he's found an example of a Windows Phone 7 app transmitting latitude and longitude even if the user says "no."

By 1 September 2011


Researcher: Photos from your gadget can leak your location

At Next HOPE hacker conference, researcher shows how he scanned photo links posted to Twitter and extracted exact latitude and longitude coordinates embedded in the photos.

By 17 July 2010


More developments coming to Twitter 'geo API'

CNET has learned that Twitter has been working on a database of cities and 'hoods that could be used to geotag tweets rather than a specific latitude and longitude.

By 26 February 2010


Free, painless way to geotag photos

Tagging photos with longitude and latitude data is a snap. Here are the steps to get you there.

By 16 December 2009


Latitude 36 7' 29" N, longitude 115 10' 8" W

I thought about resolving not to buy any more gadgets, but with the temptations of the weak dollar and the vast shopping malls of Las Vegas, I knew I'd be led astray.

By 7 January 2007


Whitehill raises $5 million

Whitehill Technologies announced Tuesday that it raised a $5 million first round of funding from the Longitude Fund. The Moncton, New Brunswick-based Whitehill develops software designed to take data and information created in the pre-Internet era and use XML (Extensible Markup Language) to allow the material to be posted on the Internet. See complete list.

By 15 August 2001