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Ferrari by Logic3 P200

At AU$349 one fact remains — you're paying more for the brand than the sound, and you can get better audio elsewhere. Still, if you're the ultimate Ferrari fan, we're guessing you won't be too disappointed with these.

By 23 October 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 23 October 2012

Typical price: $349.00


Ferrari by Logic3 R200

The R200s are supra-aural headphones that you buy for the look and brand, not the sound.

By 18 October 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 18 October 2012

Typical price: $349.00


Ferrari by Logic3 T250

These Ferrari branded over-ear headphones sound great and look even better but it comes at a premium price.

By 22 August 2012

0 stars Editors' rating 22 August 2012

Typical price: $399.00


Logic 3 i-Station8

The Logic 3 i-Station8 isn't for everyone, such as the sensitive-palmed and audiophiles among us, but iPod owners seeking an interesting-looking portable speaker system with plenty of features and decent bass should consider it.

By 24 July 2006

3 stars Editors' rating 24 July 2006

Pricing not available


SpectraVideo Logic3 Sound Grip for PSP

Buy the SpectraVideo Logic3 Sound Grip for a sound boost, not a comfort boost.

By 1 November 2005

3 stars Editors' rating 1 November 2005

Pricing not available


Logic3 Ferrari headphones and docks pull up at CES

A new batch of Ferrari-themed audio gear is pulling donuts at CES, made by Logic3. Headphones and speaker docks are the order of the day.

By 8 January 2012


Hands-on with the Logic3 JiveBox

The small form factor and retro styling of this cuboidian boomer could be a hit with the minimalists.

By 13 November 2007


Logic3 Jivebox: Hands-on with our first cube

If you want to look at something rubbish, go and read a gossip magazine. If you'd rather look at a big fat cuboid-shaped speaker system for your iPod, come and take a peek at Logic3's new Jivebox

By 12 November 2007


Logic3 SoundStage: 5.1 sound, 15 speakers

We've got an exclusive preview of Logic3's new SoundStage 5.1 audio system. This home cinema setup provides a true 5.1 surround-sound environment by utilising 15 individual speakers in a single enclosure

By 14 September 2007


Logic3 gives 5.1 sound in 15 speakers

A true 5.1 setup within a single metre-wide enclosure.

By 15 September 2007