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Quirky, innovative and as cute as a baby seal stuffed with kittens (possibly cuter), LocoRoco is a must-have PSP title.

By 22 June 2006

4.5 stars Editors' rating 22 June 2006

Typical price: $80.00


Best iPhone games: Sony PSP rivals

We look at five of the best iPhone games to see if they measure up to the Sony PSP's strongest suits -- rich graphics and long-lasting gameplay

By 19 November 2009


Rumor: New PSP will have sliding screen

Another rumor surfaces about the next-gen PSP and how it will not only do away with the UMD disc system but will add a sliding screen.

By 3 March 2009


Sony's missed opportunity: How the PSP could have been the iPhone

More than 40 million PSPs have been sold worldwide, but for some reason it isn't considered a monster success. Is it because Sony failed to open the device up to developers and create an app store along the lines of the iPhone's?

By 4 February 2009


Photos: Latest mobile phones from Japan

Want a futuristic handset with jaw-dropping features that will simplify your life and make you a better person? Then you might want to move to Japan

By 29 January 2007


Isn't it time for a new PSP?

The PSP is now just too big and fat to generate the same gadget-lust that it once did. Surely Sony must be planning to launch a sleeker, sharper, sexier model this year?

By 18 January 2007


More stuff to Crave

We dredged the series of tubes for you!

By 20 December 2006


Three new forthcoming PSP games from Sony

Three new forthcoming PSP games from Sony

By 11 May 2006