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Google extends Chrome OS device lifespan by a year

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes now will get software support for five years. This could make it easier for businesses and schools buy them.

By 17 May 2014


DVD lifespan: do not trust

4 May 2012


How long do TVs last? (Morrison's Mailbag)

One reader asked about the lifespan of modern televisions, but first we need to discuss what manufacturers mean by "lifespan."

By 24 February 2012


Sony sells over 1 million PS4s on US launch day

In its first 24 hours after the official North American launch, Sony's PlayStation 4 has sold over 1 million units. Early sales may not be the best indicator of success in a console's lifespan, but it's a promising start.

By 18 November 2013


PlayStation's US CEO doesn't see Valve as a threat

Sony expects to continue selling the PS3 until 2015, sees a lifespan of at least five years for the PS4 and doesn't think of the Steam Box as a threat.

By 22 February 2013


Marissa Mayer enters the Yahoo pressure cooker

Yahoo's new CEO spent the last 13 years at a company that has been on top for its entire lifespan. Now she is in the spotlight dealing with challenges and expectations that will test her will and skills in a much different environment.

By 24 July 2012


CSS 2.1 emerges as official Web standard

Developers already turned much of their attention to the newer CSS3 version of the Web page formatting technology, but standards have a long lifespan.

By 8 June 2011


Germany wants nuclear exit by 2022

Just nine months ago, Germany's chancellor was touting nuclear plants as a safe "bridge" to renewable energy and was planning to extend their lifespan.

By 1 June 2011


Studying a second life for electric-vehicle batteries

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is teaming up with the California Center for Sustainable Energy to determine lifespan and viable alternative uses for used lithium ion batteries.

By 8 April 2011


Zap's new lithium battery systems offer long life

Electric vehicle maker Zap introduced new lithium battery systems which will provide a significant value for customers by improving performance and offering a significantly longer lifespan.

By 19 May 2010