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Licence-fee payers won't demand 4K shows, says BBC exec

Mark Harrison, controller of production for BBC North, reckons punters won't be knocking the corporation's door down demanding Doctor Who in Ultra HD.

By 8 November 2013


Apple agrees to licence Swiss railway clock in iOS 6

Apple has agreed to pay a Swiss company for the right to use its clock design in iOS 6.

By 13 October 2012


How Steve Jobs got away with never having a licence plate

Steve Jobs' high-powered Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG sports car, notoriously, never had a licence plate fitted. Here's how he got away with it.

By 28 October 2011


Sony HT-AS5: Surround-sound system named after redneck licence plate

Would you like to get your hands on a tasty piece of HT-AS5? Thanks to Sony, now you can

By 15 July 2010


Microsoft makes Unity engine free for ID@Xbox devs

Members of the self-publishing ID@Xbox program for Xbox One will get a free licence for the popular game engine.

By 6 November 2013


DreamWorks makes Guardians software free for all

The specially developed software used to animate Rise of the Guardians is being given away by DreamWorks under a free licence.

By 23 November 2012


BBC reveals online red button for Virgin Media, but not Sky

The BBC has reinvented the red button for smart TVs, launching today on Virgin Media. But licence fee-payers on Sky miss out.

By 5 December 2012


New TV tech will watch you

A new Microsoft patent has been designed to watch the watchers — and charge a licence fee based on how many people it sees.

By 8 November 2012


Microsoft makes cash from half of Android devices sold

The company have now entered patent licence agreements with 10 companies selling Android phones and tablets.

By 25 October 2011


Channel Nine cashes in with Extra home shopping channel

The Nine Network is cashing in on its TV datacasting licence with the launch of the home shopping channel Extra, which began broadcasting at 6am this morning.

By 26 March 2012