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Lawsuits connect Volkswagen senior executives to Dieselgate

The new suits in New York, Maryland and Massachusetts link high-level company executives to the emissions-cheating scandal.

By 20 July 2016


Facebook blamed for Palestinian attacks in $1 billion lawsuit filed by victims' families

Families that lost loved ones from attacks committed by terrorist group Hamas are charging the social network for playing "an essential role" in their ability to operate.

By 12 July 2016


Florida man 'confident' in $10BN lawsuit against Apple for copying 'essence' of iPhone

Businessman Thomas Ross has no patent filings and is representing himself, but feels he "has a shot" in the case.

By 30 June 2016


Sony to pay millions to settle spurned gamers' PS3 lawsuit

The settlement stems from a lawsuit over removal of support for Linux from the console in 2010.

By 23 June 2016


Uber can be added as defendant to surge pricing lawsuit, says judge

Adding Uber could move the suit against the company's CEO toward arbitration, a desirable outcome for the ride-hailing company.

By 22 June 2016


Jeff Bezos slams Peter Thiel's funding lawsuit against Gawker

Amazon CEO says at Code Conference that the billionaire shouldn't be using his fortune "to fund a lawsuit to kill Gawker."

By 1 June 2016


Google wins Java lawsuit. Oracle sees future fight

A jury sides with Google over nitty-gritty in Android code.

By 27 May 2016


Samsung hit with another patent lawsuit, but not by Apple

Chinese telecom giant Huawei filed lawsuits against Samsung, claiming that it is illegally using its technology.

By 25 May 2016


CBS, Paramount to beam away lawsuit against Star Trek fan-made film

The network and studio are also working on guidelines for fan-made Star Trek movies so they don't infringe on copyrights.

By 24 May 2016


Tinder's threesome rival 3nder protests lawsuit with bizarre socks campaign

Tinder is suing 3nder over the similarity in their names. 3nder is objecting using the power of...socks.

By 23 May 2016