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Get a 1-year Ad-Aware Pro license for free

Ad-Aware Pro offers robust, award-winning Internet security. It normally costs $29.95, but if you grab it today, it's free!

By 28 December 2010


Lavasoft Ad-aware SE Personal Edition

Ad-aware SE is your best option for keeping spyware and adware under control on your PC.

22 May 2008


Spyware Central

A complete guide to battling spyware, including reviews of twelve antispyware applications, downloads, FAQ, a spyware glossary of terms, and other helpful resources.

By 13 October 2006


ETrust PestPatrol

eTrust PestPatrol offers fast spyware protection, but you can find better protection with Lavasoft Ad-aware.

By 24 February 2006

2.5 stars Editors' rating 24 February 2006

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The great antispyware consolidation

The great antispyware consolidation

By 25 January 2006


Google to unveil software package at CES

Google to unveil software package at CES

By 7 January 2006


Spyware roundup

Hidden bits of code known as spyware may be broadcasting your innermost secrets to the world. Here's how to put a stop to it.

By 18 March 2005