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Why the Nexus 7 succeeded where others failed

The Nexus 7 is the most popular pure Android tablet. Did it get there simply by way of its low price, or is there a more complex explanation?

By 10 May 2013


Netgear adds Slingbox live TV to NeoTV players

Netgear announces at CES 2013 that it is adding support for Slingbox live TV streaming to its NeoTV players.

By 8 January 2013


Why shop via your phone? To keep your spouse in the dark

A survey suggests that one of the big advantages of mobile shopping is that it's easier to keep personal. It also helps some people buy embarrassing items.

By 30 August 2012


Touchscreen ultrabooks coming with Windows 8 Intel threatens

"More than 40" ultra-thin Intel-powered machines with touchscreens are in development, according to chip chief Paul Otellini.

By 19 July 2012


How Flickr's overhaul kept me from fleeing

Yahoo's photo-sharing site lost momentum after a long period of relative neglect, but new improvements are enough to persuade CNET's Stephen Shankland to stick around.

By 4 May 2012


Aussie photographers make bullet-time light-painting video

This great example of bullet-time photography comes from two Aussies who put together a rig of 96 digital SLRs, and decided to paint with light.

By 26 April 2012


Will the third-generation iPad finally replace your laptop?

Are any of the new features enough to make it a viable full-time laptop substitute?

By 8 March 2012


Razer Blade gaming laptop: Is bolder better for PC gamers?

Razer's bold, thin 17-inch laptop has its own second screen and programmable LED buttons, but who is it for?

By 6 March 2012


Glossy screens on the rise--whether you like it or not

Following a trend with laptop screens, TV manufacturers are opting for reflective rather than matte screens--making it harder to find a TV that's easy to view in a well-lit room.

By 10 February 2010


What's in your perfect laptop?

Annoyed that you can't get all the features you want in a laptop? So are we. We've put together a list of what we'd like to see in all laptops.

By 5 April 2011