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Ario Lamp

By mimicking the sun, the Ario Lamp will help keep your mind and body on track, even when you're stuck inside.

By 18 November 2015

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Luzi Smart Lamp

Launching soon on Indiegogo, the Luzi Smart Lamp promises to do it all.

By 19 June 2015

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Tittle Light Connected LED Lamp

This color-changing LED smart lamp seeking funds on Indiegogo -- and it might just be cool enough to forgive the silly branding.

By 4 February 2016

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Aerelight OLED Desk Lamp

Aerelight's OLED desk lamp offers wireless phone charging, capacitive-touch controls, and a steep price tag.

By 24 September 2014

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Light up your life with Notti's social notifications lamp

The colorful smart light flashes when you get a message on your iPhone or Android -- and Notti's party mode is great for impressing your buds.

By 10 July 2016


Turn an old liquor bottle into a lamp in 10 minutes

If you have a hard time throwing away empty bottles of expensive wines or liquors, put the bottles to good use by converting them into lamps on the cheap.

By 25 May 2016


Crazy Mariana Trench jellyfish is a living lava lamp

A jellyfish found in the Mariana Trench by the NOAA's remote-controlled underwater vehicle looks like something out of science fiction.

By 3 May 2016


Super-fast DIY LED cloud lamp

The quick and easy way to make your own LED cloud lamp in around 60 minutes.

10 Images By 26 February 2016


Light up your life with this Final Fantasy-esque save-crystal lamp

With fervour high for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, this handmade save-crystal lamp is proving a hot item for role-playing game fans.

By 6 February 2016


Part of Pluto is essentially a giant icy lava lamp -- with a space slug

Pluto is getting its groove on '60s-style with a stretch of icy plain filled with dramatically pitted surface formations.

By 9 January 2016