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Trade Show

LA Auto Show 2012

Whether you fancy trendy city cars or crazy customs ripped from a comic book, there are plenty to go


AJ Riebli on Pixar, La Luna and storytelling

The production manager on Pixar's latest short film, "La Luna", talks about his creative life and the importance of storytelling.

By 12 June 2012


Sick of asteroids stealing headlines, moon steps up tonight

La Luna is tired of being upstaged by the space rocks that have recently been whizzing their way past Earth, "closer than the moon." So tonight she's putting on a show. Consider this CNET's friendly reminder to look up.

By 6 May 2012


Check out new cameras and tech gear at The Digital Show

The Digital Show is Australia's largest photography and digital lifestyle expo. Here's what you can see and do for free this year.

By 22 May 2012


NASA's budget focus: Moon, Mars, or ISS?

The space agency's future is hanging in the balance. Soon the Obama administration will need to decide its fate. What type of mission should take priority?

By 7 August 2009


Pioneer Inno

The Pioneer Inno is compact, gets great reception, and lets you enjoy live satellite audio and your own tracks on the go. Better battery life and more storage would make this XM portable even better.

7 April 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating 7 April 2006

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