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Roccat Kone[+]

As the name may suggest, the Kone[+] is a step up from the Kone, and we have no hesitation in recommending this as a fantastic gaming mouse.

By 31 March 2011

4.5 stars Editors' rating 31 March 2011

Typical price: $129.00


Roccat Kone

The Kone has earned itself a spot among our favourite gaming mice, Roccat proving it's got what it takes. Recommended.

By 15 December 2010

4.5 stars Editors' rating 15 December 2010

Typical price: $109.95


Asus Eee PC 1008P design reflects 'sensual minimalism'

The new 1008P has a brand new look, created by industrial designer Karim Rashid (who designed, among other things, the Dirt Devil Kone vacuum).

By 6 January 2010