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Anonymous Opal cards now available from pop-up kiosks

Commuters who were concerned about the traceability of the Opal card can now purchase and use one anonymously.

By 28 July 2014


Microsoft continues its kiosk kick, will open new 'specialty stores'

Smaller, kiosk-like outlets are increasingly key to Microsoft's retail strategy, as evidenced by the five that popped up last month, and the four that will open in the near future.

By 9 May 2013


Watch out, Windows. Here's Chromebooks for kiosks

Chromebook's new Managed Public Sessions hopes to challenge Windows' supremacy as the ubiquitous public computer.

By 1 May 2013


Wii U kiosks coming to retailers nationwide

Nintendo is rolling out 5,000 interactive Wii U demo stations at retailers like Target, Best Buy, and GameStop prior to the product's North American launch on November 18.

By 6 November 2012


EcoATM phone recycling kiosks proliferate (video)

"CBS This Morning" checks in on EcoATM, a California company that makes kiosks for trading in old phones and other gadgets for instant cash. It's not your typical money machine.

By 17 October 2012


ecoATM kiosk scans used gadget, pays owner

The maker of the ecoATM, an electronics take-back and recycling kiosk, raises money from Coinstar and others to launch in more retail locations.

By 17 February 2011


Redbox, kiosk rentals now outpace video stores

NPD Group says that kiosk rentals account for a larger market share than traditional brick-and-mortar rental stores.

By 18 January 2011


CES: Flix on Stix moves movies from kiosk to USB

Launching a series of kiosks throughout the United States, Flix on Stix plans to enable people to download movies onto a USB stick, and watch them on their home computer.

By 7 January 2011


Blockbuster kiosks to wait for Warner films

The company that owns and operates Blockbuster Express rental kiosks inks a deal to get Warner Bros. content 28 days after it's available for sale.

By 18 December 2010


Epson adds PictureMate Charm to personal photo kiosks

Just in time for the holiday gift-buying rush, Epson announced a new PictureMate personal photo printer.

By 13 October 2009