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Dinosaurs and the inner mind: Pixar's future looks bright

Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" and "Inside Out" explore the intriguing worlds of an agrarian society full of dinosaurs and a young girl's inner mind. Pixar fans have a lot to look forward to.

By 10 August 2013


Clearwire board urges shareholders to OK Sprint offer

Board says the deal is the best offer for Clearwire, despite other companies showing interest.

By 14 May 2013


Getting in on the secret of Pixar's 'hidden' speakeasy

A Pixar animator opened a small access door in his office, got on his hands and knees, and crawled through the opening to discover a "secret" room. The rest, as they say, is history.

By 20 May 2012


Steve Jobs wanted Wi-Fi to replace networks

Talk about control freak: Steve Jobs wanted to replace networks with Wi-Fi spectrum for the iPhone launch, giving Apple total control.

By 16 November 2011


Steve Jobs wanted to 'replace' carriers using Wi-Fi spectrum

Apple's iPhone is well-known for breaking some traditional barriers with wireless companies, but the company might have taken it one step further by offering its own wireless service, according to a report from IDG.

By 16 November 2011


Obama, GOP try to woo Silicon Valley leaders

At a pair of competing events in Silicon Valley today, President Obama and House Republican leaders are presenting their different approaches to aiding the U.S. economy.

By 27 September 2011


Clearwire names new president and CEO

The 4G wireless provider has promoted its Chief Operating Officer Erik Prusch to president and CEO.

By 10 August 2011


Clearwire announces LTE shift as losses mount

Clearwire reports wider losses for the second quarter. The company also announces it plans to use 4G LTE technology on top of its existing WiMax network.

By 4 August 2011


Clearwire: We're not dumping WiMax

Clearwire's technology guru tells CNET how the company plans to juggle two 4G technologies, and why it's making the move now.

By 5 August 2011


Clearwire CEO William Morrow resigns

Company is shaking up its executive leadership, amid financial troubles. John Stanton, currently chairman of the board, will serve as interim CEO.

By 11 March 2011