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Tech Time Machine: 14 April

What makes us human? This big question was partially determined on this day in history.

By 14 April 2012


The 50 most significant moments of Internet history

The Internet has revolutionised the way we live, over almost 50 years of development. In this feature, we detail the 50 defining moments we feel are most significant to the Web

By 26 September 2008


The greatest defunct Web sites and dotcom disasters

'Live fast, die young' could've been the Web's motto when the dotcom bubble burst around 2000. We take a look back at the period's monumental collapses and now-defunct successes

By 5 June 2008


Smile, you're on a bar Webcam

Around the country, bars are tapping the Internet to let people know when they're hopping--or dreadfully quiet. TMZ targets celebs with Webcams

By 19 February 2008


At Kink.com, a live tool against piracy

Big outfits like Viacom may make the most noise about copyright violations, but porn sites are using tech to protect their property. Photos: Old armory home to new take on industry

By 31 March 2007


Justin.tv goes live

Helmet cam. Check. EV-DO connection. Check. Web site. Check. Interesting. Check.

By 20 March 2007


A social site where Webcams rule

Stickam wants to blend video, chat and celebrity content into an online empire. Getting Prince to play would help. Image: Stickam-ing it to 'em

By 23 February 2007


Webcam follows you around the room

Be careful what you wish for

By 30 January 2007


Net matchmaking with a real-time twist

If a picture's worth a thousand words, how about a video? A new dating site lets people interact via real-time video in an attempt to attract suitors or meet friends.

10 October 2002