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2016 Jaguar XE

Jaguar's XE, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, is the brand's new entry-level model, a rear-wheel-drive sedan competing with the BMW 3-series and Audi A4/S4.

By 2 October 2014

Typical price: $51,000.00


2015 Jaguar XF 3.0 Sport

The 2015 Jaguar XF 3.0 Sport is a no-frills take on the modern sport sedan. Drivers looking for the latest tech should look to competing models or wait for next year's redesign.

By 20 March 2015

3.5 stars Editors' rating 20 March 2015

Pricing not available


2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

There's nothing pretty about its InControl app tech, but the 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe is still an exceptional performer that goes toe-to-toe with some stiff competition and comes away looking like a supermodel.

By 7 December 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating 7 December 2014

Pricing not available


2014 Jaguar XJR

Despite being a big, performance-oriented sedan, the 2014 Jaguar XJR acts as gentle as a kitten when driven around town, but cabin electronics don't push any tech boundaries.

By 31 October 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating 31 October 2013

Pricing not available


2014 Jaguar F-Type

We fell in love with the gorgeous curves and excellent performance of the 2014 Jaguar F-Type, but middling tech and a very big price tag have us looking twice at its German competitors.

By 3 October 2013

4 stars Editors' rating 3 October 2013

Pricing not available


2014 Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD

The smooth and quiet 2014 Jaguar XJL makes driver and passenger comfort its top priority. This luxury sedan and its tech may be aging, but they're doing so gracefully.

By 23 April 2014

3 stars Editors' rating 23 April 2014

Pricing not available


2013 Jaguar XJ AWD

The smooth and quiet 2013 Jaguar XJ makes driver comfort its top priority, but an aging cabin technology package and an unrefined fuel-saver system give a rough edge to this refined ride.

By 29 May 2013

3 stars Editors' rating 29 May 2013

Pricing not available


2012 Jaguar XKR-S

The irony is that the 2012 Jaguar XKR-S' allure as "the fastest, most powerful production Jaguar model ever sold" is less about powerful performance than it is about making a powerful statement.

By 28 March 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 28 March 2012

Pricing not available

Editors' Take

Jaguar XF 2.2D (2012)

After a visit to the cosmetic surgeon, the upgraded XF comes out not only looking a whole lot sexier, but smarter and more sensible, too.

By 21 October 2011

Typical price: $78,900.00


2015 Jaguar XF 3.0 Sport (pictures)

Jaguar's mid-sized executive sedan starts to show its age, but the old cat still has its charms.

34 Images By 21 March 2015