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Scoop up 10 top apps free for iTunes anniversary

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of iTunes, Apple has made 10 amazing apps available for free.

By 9 July 2013


Apple celebrates 10 years of iTunes

The company posts a new feature on its iTunes store, celebrating the platform's history and discussing how it has grown over the years.

By 25 April 2013


iTunes Automator workflows no longer working after iTunes 10

If you regularly use Automator workflows with iTunes, you may want to hold off on upgrading to iTunes 10. MacWorld recently uncovered an issue with the new update in which automator workflows for iTunes are no longer functional after upgrading the program.

By 4 September 2010


iTunes 10 unusable after install? Reinstall the right way

Occasionally, users may find that after installing the latest version of iTunes on their Mac an error message appears reporting that the copy of iTunes is unusable and must be reinstalled.

By 23 September 2010


Create free ringtones with iTunes 10

Brian Tong shows you how to make ringtones using iTunes 10.

By 17 September 2010


How to create free ringtones with iTunes 10

In this video, Brian Tong shows you how to use iTunes 10 to make free ringtines.

By 16 September 2010


iTunes 10 relaunching after quitting

A couple of MacFixIt readers have contacted us describing a problem with iTunes after upgrading to the recently released version 10. Though the program installs and functions fine, upon quitting, some process will immediately launch the program again.

By 11 September 2010


Johnny Cash song iTunes' 10 billionth download

Johnny Cash's "Guess Things Happen That Way" was the 10 billionth song to be downloaded from Apple's Store using iTunes.

By 26 February 2010


More iTunes 10 problems surface

As with any new software, there are bound to be some initial problems people experience, either with the software itself or with compatibility with other software and hardware.

By 8 September 2010


iTunes 10 user interface sees some minor changes

Apple's iTunes 10 upgrade brings a number of interesting enhancements to the program, including the "Ping" social-networking option and the new clutter-reducing "hybrid" view for album covers and song listings. Despite these features and other new improvements, when it comes to the user interface there are some outstanding drawbacks in the new version of iTunes.

By 3 September 2010