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Apple iTunes

Manage your music and movie libraries on your PC, iPod or iPhone.

4 stars Editors' rating on 8 Dec 2014
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Editors' Take

Apple iTunes 12

Released with Mac OS X Yosemite, iTunes 12 gets some small interface changes that make your music, movies, and other content easier to navigate.

By 17 October 2014

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iTunes 11

iTunes 11 is a much-needed refresh with a new interface and a useful MiniPlayer, but it's still a little overly complex for its own good.

By 30 November 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 30 November 2012

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iTunes Radio for iOS

It doesn't offer live radio streams or non-music options, but iTunes Radio is the best way to listen to programmed radio on iOS.

By 19 September 2013

4.5 stars Editors' rating 19 September 2013

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16 shortcuts for a better iTunes experience

Make your life easier with these keyboard shortcuts for iTunes 12.4.

By 22 July 2016


iTunes Match soon coming to all Apple Music subscribers

The service matches songs in your iTunes library with an "audio fingerprint" algorithm meant to improve on the current system.

By 19 July 2016


Clean up iTunes by hiding Apple Music

If you use iTunes but not Apple Music, you can simplify iTunes 12.4's interface by hiding all of the Apple Music-related buttons.

By 12 June 2016


Play music from your iTunes library without opening iTunes

Spotlight to the rescue. Because no one likes iTunes.

By 19 February 2016


​Apple makes a house call after iTunes zaps 122GB of customer's music

James Pinkstone retrieved his music from a backup, but Apple evidently is treating his problem seriously.

By 18 May 2016


iTunes 12.4 is here, but there's no word on that music deletion issue

Apple has updated its iTunes app for Mac and Windows, but it's unclear if the company has addressed the music deletion issue that it had previously acknowledged.

By 17 May 2016


Apple says it will not shut down iTunes downloads. Plus, the iPhone 7 design and features are revealed (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 37)

Apple invests in a $1 billion Chinese car service, and the best iPhone might be coming in 2017.

By 14 May 2016