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Razer Ironclad

The Ironclad is a trophy piece for the gamer who likes being admired. The performance is certainly there, but when you consider the noise and the fact that the mat costs almost as much as the mouse on it, the Ironclad isn't a compelling buy.

By 3 May 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating 3 May 2011

Typical price: $79.00


Dance Dance Revolution: Industrial Ironclad Edition

Taking it to a new level. Literally.

By 15 March 2007


IBM, SCO clash over Linux license

IBM is unimpressed by threats from the Unix IP inheritor to cancel Big Blue's license to ship Unix products, because it says it has an ironclad contract. SCO's reaction? "Hogwash."

By 11 March 2003


Damage control

Forget ironclad shields against Slammer-style attacks. Companies need to focus on limiting their pain.

7 February 2003