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BBC begins global rollout of iPlayer Radio app, starting in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland will be the first country outside of the UK to be able to access all of the broadcaster's radio services online.

By 7 July 2016


Drone delivers abortion pill to women in Northern Ireland

In a protest against the country's abortion laws, women's advocacy groups airdrop medicine using a remote-controlled aircraft.

By 22 June 2016


​SoundCloud's paid streaming service expands to UK and Ireland

The ad-free SoundCloud Go is now available outside the US.

By 3 May 2016


Exploring Ireland's beautiful, moonlike Burren territory

CNET's Michael Franco spent a month exploring the weird and wild landscape located on Ireland's western shore, learning its secrets both above and below ground.

By 29 April 2015


Bizarre, beautiful views from Ireland's Burren (pictures)

The silver-stone-filled Burren stretches for about 100 square miles on Ireland's west coast. CNET's Michael Franco explores the geological marvel above and below ground.

12 Images By 28 April 2015


Teenage boy arrested in Northern Ireland over TalkTalk hack

Police are holding a 15-year-old boy for questioning in connection with last week's cyberattack on the UK broadband provider.

By 27 October 2015


Ireland to probe Facebook's handling of EU citizens' data

Ireland's Data Protection Commission could order Facebook to suspend data transfers to the US if the social network is found to be inadequately protecting that data.

By 21 October 2015


Apple may owe a lot of back taxes in Ireland

The company, which two years ago testified to the US Senate that it's not a tax dodger, is facing an European Commission investigation into whether tax breaks from Ireland were illegal state aid.

By 30 April 2015


Apple earnings may be hung up by iPhone -- again

The company will report fiscal third-quarter financial results Tuesday. Based on sluggish demand for the iPhone, it probably won't be pretty.

By 25 July 2016


Here are all the countries where Pokemon Go is available

Still don't have Pokemon Go? You're not alone.

By 20 July 2016