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From old tuba to new iPad dock

Christopher Locke, an art teacher by day and eccentric artist by night, creates some of the most unusual iPhone and iPad docks ever to grace the pages of Crave.

By 9 June 2012


Motorized iPad dock needs professional installation

Turn your iPad into wall art with the iRoom iDock iPad dock. It mounts flush to the wall, and you'll need a pro with power tools to install it.

By 22 September 2011


Sainsburys trolleys score iPad docks, solar panels

The supermarket goliath has teamed up with Sky to fit iPad docks to its trolleys, letting fans watch the footie while doing the shopping.

By 1 September 2011


Get an Apple iPad Dock for $9.97

Plus sales tax. Even so, that's $20 less than you'd pay for a handy desktop dock if you walked into an Apple Store. Nice little Father's Day gift, perhaps?

By 10 June 2011


New iPad docking mode on the horizon?

A European trademark application reveals drawings of an Apple iPad with a new horizontal docking option.

By 19 October 2010


iPad docks coming to BMW X3

The brackets--an optional extra--will allow users to mount their iPads in the rear of the vehicle, just behind the driver or passenger seats.

By 23 September 2010


iPad docks coming to BMW X3

Here's a clever (and horribly overdue) idea -- German motor company BMW is all set to install iPad mounting brackets in the rear of its next X3 baby 4x4.

By 22 September 2010


Koala iPad mount lets you stick it to your bathroom

The removable Koala iPad wall mount promises to leave your walls in good condition while letting you stick your tablet just about anywhere, even the loo.

By 21 March 2013


Shellphone: Mother Nature crafts an iPhone loudspeaker

If the Little Mermaid had an iPhone, she would use a Shellphone to amplify the volume.

By 4 December 2012


Williams-Sonoma cranks up the volume with tablet accessories

The Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth Speaker makes cooking along with instructional videos easy. The speaker is part of a matching set that includes a stand and a splash screen.

By 21 November 2012