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How to find your IP address using Google, Siri, or Cortana

Your IP address is just a search bar away.

By 15 June 2016


How to quickly look up your IP address in OS X

If you need to look up your Mac's IP address, there are some quick ways to do so.

By 26 July 2013


South Korea traces cyberattack to IP address in China

Servers for banks, TV broadcasters, and an ISP in the country were paralyzed by a massive attack, leading to suspicions that North Korea was responsible.

By 21 March 2013


Judge dismisses piracy suits, says IP address doesn't confirm state

The ruling is a blow to 15 piracy lawsuits in California seeking to identify the location of BitTorrent users based on IP address.

By 16 May 2012


IP address doesn't ID individuals in piracy lawsuit, judge rules

In recommending a copyright-infringement case be dismissed, judge says an IP address alone was "unlikely" to uniquely identify the true defendant.

By 4 May 2012


Skype exploit reveals user IP addresses

While an IP address can reveal a user's city or country of origin, it doesn't provide more specific information. But it can be used to potentially track down users -- i.e., in litigation.

By 1 May 2012


BitTorrent downloads linked to RIAA, DHS IP addresses

RIAA disputes report of BitTorrent downloads from trade group IP addresses, but TorrentFreak shows they appear on downloading tracker search site.

By 20 December 2011


Addressing self-assigned IP addresses after installing OS X 10.6.8

A few people have reported getting self-assigned IP addresses after installing OS X 10.6.8 on their systems, which should be easily fixed by resetting the system firewall.

By 30 June 2011


IPv6 tested by Google and Facebook as we run out of IP addresses

Today is World IPv6 Day. Don't worry, you don't need to send a card -- it's just a 24-hour test by Google, Facebook and many other websites of a new way of connecting to the Web.

By 8 June 2011


Over 23,000 IP addresses cited in BitTorrent suit

A massive list of IP addresses was presented in U.S. District Court last week, paving the way for what could become the biggest BitTorrent case ever.

By 11 May 2011