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Internet Explorer 8 beta

6 March 2008

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Internet Explorer 8 beta 2

Microsoft's release should retain its browser base but doesn't yet have enough to lure loyal Firefox users back to Internet Explorer.

27 August 2008

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Internet Explorer 7

IE 7 was Microsoft's one chance to leapfrog ahead of the competition, but the company has only barely caught sight of the current front-runners. For more features and greater security, switch to Mozilla Firefox.

19 October 2006

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IE11 syncs Web passwords across Windows, Windows Phone 8.1

Password sync, now on IE11 on Microsoft's newest operating systems, makes moving among PCs, phones, and tablets easier. It's also handy for Microsoft to keep customers in its ecosystem.

By 24 June 2014


Like living on the edge? Try Microsoft's new test version of IE

Microsoft wants to show developers what's in store with Internet Explorer so they can build better Web sites. The move is just what Google and Mozilla already do.

By 17 June 2014


Today's Safari flops on Apple's new browser speed tests

Apple's browser doesn't do so well in new performance benchmarks, but expect the next-gen version to do better. Also: Why Apple likes a certain Mozilla technology.

By 7 June 2014

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Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista

With Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista, Microsoft shores up Internet Explorer's crumbling security status and takes aim at its biggest rivals.

27 October 2005

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Zero-day flaw haunts IE 8 for 7 months and counting

An Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability goes unfixed by Microsoft for more than half a year, reports the Zero Day Initiative.

By 22 May 2014


Microsoft fixes big bad Internet Explorer bug

A patch for the IE security flaw is available to download -- even for people using Windows XP. Also, chatting arrives on Snapchat and Groupon expands to bulk groceries.

By 2 May 2014


Beware the Internet Explorer security bug

A security flaw in Microsoft’s Web browser makes it possible for hackers to hijack computers, AOL warns users to change passwords after a cyberattack, and Skype stops charging for group video chats.

By 29 April 2014