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GarageBand adds Chinese instruments following Tim Cook's Beijing visit

Extra Chinese music loops and instruments have been added to Apple's music creation app, following a visit to China from CEO Tim Cook.

By 17 May 2016


The Wintergatan Marble Machine is a wacky, whimsical musical instrument (Tomorrow Daily)

A huge music box-like device plays music using 2,000 marbles; plus, researchers show off a stretchable circuit that might someday evolve into robotic skin.

By 3 March 2016


Massive custom musical instrument uses 2,000 marbles to play songs (Tomorrow Daily show notes)

It took Swedish musician Martin Molin 14 months to build the Wintergatan Marble Machine, and the finished product looks and sounds like something straight out of a futuristic Alice in Wonderland concert.

By 3 March 2016


VLT black-hole instrument discovers new binary star

The Very Large Telescope's black-hole instrument has been activated, and has already made a stellar discovery.

By 14 January 2016


Sensitive instrument hunts for water in interstellar space

Where there's water in the universe, there might be life. SEPIA, an instrument mounted on a telescope in the Chilean desert, might help astronomers find both.

By 5 November 2015


Instrument 1: A violin, keyboard, guitar and cello in one digital instrument

A crazy gadget that looks like a toy fretboard peripheral for a video game is actually a highly versatile instrument that can be played in many ways.

By 9 March 2015


Lockheed Martin's blimp-scaling robot hunts for leaks

SPIDER, a self-propelled instrument for airship damage evaluation and repair, helps sniff out tiny leaks in Lockheed's hybrid airship.

By 28 July 2016


NASA's solar observatory does a space-flip, delivers nauseating sun GIF

You might want to take a motion-sickness pill before you view the Solar Dynamics Observatory's latest animated GIF.

By 16 July 2016


Another Tesla crash blamed on car's Autopilot system

A Model X crashes Sunday morning after the car's auto-steer feature fails to identify an obstacle in the road, according to a thread on a Tesla enthusiasts forum.

By 12 July 2016


Who's more passionate about the sound of music: Audiophiles or musicians?

You might think they're on the same page, the Audiophiliac ponders the question.

By 10 July 2016