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Clothes for Curiosity seekers: Mars inspires fashion line

Inspired by NASA's mission to the Red Planet, designer Nanette Lepore goes extraterrestrial for her fall 2013 collection, debuting a line full of shimmer and strong reds.

By 15 February 2013


Humans on Mars by 2018?

The Inspiration Mars Foundation hopes to get a two-person crew to Mars and back starting in 2018 — and it's got a plan that can work.

By 28 February 2013


Mars mission will use faeces as radiation shield

Inspiration Mars Foundation's planned 2018 flight to Mars has an interesting solution for blocking cosmic radiation.

By 4 March 2013


NASA balks at billionaire's request for Mars mission aid

First "space tourist" Dennis Tito asks agency to chip in with some new rockets and cash for a 2017 manned mission. NASA says thanks, but no thanks.

By 22 November 2013


Ads in space: Mars One offers interplanetary product placement

Mars One hopes to lure investors with an opportunity to send marketing materials all the way to the Red Planet.

By 1 July 2014


Man-and-woman Mars trip by 2018? Can you say 'couples counseling'?

Wealthy space buff makes serious announcement about sending a man and woman on a bare-bones flyby past the Red Planet. But building a cheap, reliable spacecraft in five years is just one issue facing planners.

By 28 February 2013


First space tourist plans to make trip to Mars in 2018

Dennis Tito was the first private citizen in space in 2001 and now he hopes to be the first human of any kind on the Red Planet.

By 21 February 2013


NASA's idea of a Mars ‘reality show’

What happens when you stick six wannabe astronauts in crammed quarters in the middle of nowhere for months? A NASA-funded study seeks to find out.

By 2 April 2014


Mars colonists wanted, apply within

Mars One is attempting to be first off the Mars colony rank, recruiting intrepid space pioneers for its reality show-style project.

By 10 January 2013


Mini Museum puts skulls, gold, London Bridge in your pocket

Indiana Jones would approve of the Mini Museum. Fragments of dinosaur bones, meteorites, famous landmarks, and other fascinating things are displayed in resin, and could be yours via Kickstarter.

By 6 March 2014