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Tech community desperate for 'Independence Day' more than 'Star Trek'

Technically Incorrect: New research suggests that those who work in tech most crave the end of the world.

By 22 June 2016


'Independence Day: Resurgence' has plenty of bang, but no breathing room (spoiler-free review)

This is director Roland Emmerich at his spectacular, destructive best, but unlike certain alien death beams, the "Resurgence" cast never quite hits its mark.

By 21 June 2016


'Independence Day' director isn't afraid of aliens -- unless they've seen his movies

As "Independence Day: Resurgence" revives his 1996 blockbuster, Roland Emmerich talks about virtual reality, advancements in special effects technology and his advice when aliens really do make contact.

By 20 June 2016


Director of 'Independence Day' has a plan for when aliens really arrive: Hide

Roland Emmerich worries little green men may hold a personal vendetta, especially since 20 years of special-effects progress freed him to depict them behaving very badly this time around.

By 20 June 2016


A new 'Independence Day: Resurgence' trailer, timed for Earth Day

The upcoming sci-fi film hints this Earth Day may be our last.

By 23 April 2016


Has technology made us more independent?

Technically Incorrect: As Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have risen to become dominant forces, have Americans become more their true, free selves?

By 4 July 2016


Celebrating independence with robot vacuum beer pong

It's the Friday before a long weekend, so here at the CNET Smart Home and Appliances office, we decided to have some fun.

By 2 July 2016


Nike names Apple CEO Tim Cook its 'lead independent director'

Cook has been a director on Nike's board since 2005.

By 1 July 2016


'Independence Day: Resurgence' trailer offers close encounters of the sequel kind

The first trailer for the follow-up to the 1996 alien invasion blockbuster has finally landed. Welcome (back) to Earth.

By 14 December 2015


Seeing eye phone: Giving independence to the blind

From CNET Magazine: Apple's iPhone software is helping people with limited or no sight navigate around town and across the Internet.

By 25 March 2016