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26 powerful, powerfully important Star Trek spacecraft, ranked

Warbirds! Borg cubes! Angry probes! If you love Star Trek (or just really cool ships), you've gotta see our rankings.

27 Images By 15 July 2016


Uncharted dev says character diversity just as important as graphics and gameplay

It is "absolutely" important that characters in Naughty Dog games are women and people of color.

By 15 July 2016


5 most important new Dropbox features

Dropbox unloaded a bunch of new updates to its cloud storage and productivity platform. Here are the top 5 you should know about.

By 23 June 2016


Upstart Xiaomi just launched its first US device. And that's important because...

The set-top box launched at Google I/O sets the stage for more things to come, like a Xiaomi phone that works with Google's Daydream VR.

By 26 May 2016


Halo 5 an 'important milestone' for Xbox One, exec says

Phil Spencer says a new Xbox generation "never really starts" until a new Halo game is released.

By 27 October 2015


Marco Rubio says national security is more important than Apple

Technically Incorrect: During the CNN/Telemundo debate, all the Republican candidates sided with the FBI against Apple in the case of the San Bernardino terrorist's phone

By 26 February 2016


CES tech fest is really important to Las Vegas. It's also really not

What do a former mafia hitman, a couple about to be married and some Vegas partiers have in common? They have no idea why so many nerds were in town this past week.

By 11 January 2016


Samsung retains top spot in India's increasingly important smartphone market

The South Korean electronics giant has strengthened its grip on India's smartphone market, keeping its top position in quarter three of 2015

By 4 November 2015


Xiaomi and Huawei wrestle for all-important top smartphone spot in China

Research firms offer different takes on who leads the Chinese market, with one saying Xiaomi and another claiming Huawei.

By 29 October 2015


Proof that selfies are the most important thing in the world

Technically Incorrect: At an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game, one lone woman in a section of the stadium tries to resist, as everyone else takes a selfie.

By 2 October 2015