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People are using chip implants to open doors, control phones

Chip implants are becoming increasingly popular among so-called biohackers to control phones and perform other technological tasks.

By 23 June 2016


Man implants NFC chip to control his phone

Chip implants are commonly used in pets, but human implants are becoming increasingly common so users can control smart appliances and phones.

23 June 2016


Chip implanted in the brain 'reanimates' paralyzed man's hand

Implanted two years ago, the chip transmits the man's thoughts directly to his hand muscles, doctors report in "Nature."

By 14 April 2016


Brain implant lets quadriplegic man use his own hand

A quadriplegic man is now able to play Guitar Hero, swipe a credit card and pour liquid into a glass with his own hand.

By 14 April 2016


The mobile phone of the future will be implanted in your head

Implantable technology and driverless cars headline a number of bold predictions from the Davos World Economic Forum survey of 800 industry leaders on the effects of software on our society.

By 20 January 2016


Future wearables could be sensors you ingest and implant, Jawbone CEO says

Hosain Rahman also says sales of his company's fitness wearables haven't been hurt by the Apple Watch.

By 8 October 2015


Man implants ear in his arm so the world can eavesdrop on his life

An artist has a structure resembling a human ear surgically implanted in his forearm, and plans to turn it into an Internet-connected mic so anyone anywhere can hear what he hears.

By 15 August 2015


Matt Damon says tech can't solve everything

Technically Incorrect: The "Martian" star, giving the graduation speech at MIT, warns that science has its limitations.

By 5 June 2016


Pixium goggles restoring sight the 'Star Trek' way

A new pair of goggles is designed to transmit images directly to the retina, not unlike Geordi La Forge's Visor from "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

By 1 June 2016


Glenn Greenwald: Snowden and Silicon Valley's conscience (Q&A)

Three years after the world learned about US and UK surveillance programs, the reporter who helped publicize Edward Snowden's leaks says concerns over privacy have changed tech -- for the better.

By 3 June 2016