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Imagine Teacher: School Trip

Fancy playing a young school teacher taking your class on a month-long camping trip?

29 September 2009

Typical price: $49.95


Wait, there's an app that teaches kids handwriting?

The creator of iTrace believes that his app brings a new lease of life to the concept of teaching handwriting. But does anyone actually write by hand anymore?

By 16 January 2014


PetMatch finds you a cat or dog that looks just like the one who died

Want a dog or a cat that is just so very similar to your last one? Here's the answer. But would it work to find substitute people too?

By 20 May 2014


Kids suspended for seeing teacher's topless iPad pic

Some kids are playing with a school iPad when, lo and behold, they click on a folder and see a picture of their teacher topless. They are suspended.

By 19 October 2012

Editors' Take

Imagine Party Planner

Imagine Party Planner will bring out your inner hostess.

25 September 2009

Typical price: $49.95


Football coach resigns after posting nude Facebook photo

A high school football coach intends to post a nude photo to his girlfriend on Facebook. Instead, it is publicly visible. Ten minutes is enough for a parent to see it.

By 15 February 2012


Teacher who blogged about her stripping quits

An elementary school teacher who blogged for The Huffington Post about her former life as a stripper and prostitute resigns rather than facing a termination hearing.

By 12 February 2011


Coolest app I've seen all month: Solar Walk

Tour the solar system with this dazzling astronomy app, which lets you fly Google Earth-style from one planet to another, learning along the way.

By 26 October 2012


Facebook 'Attack a Teacher Day' invite gets girls arrested

Six girls in Nevada are arrested after one of them allegedly invites 100 kids to assault their educators. 18 allegedly accepted the Facebook invite.

By 9 January 2011


Facebook yoga teacher objects to cell phone, gets fired

A yoga teacher at Facebook says she was fired after she objected to a company employee using her cell phone in class.

By 11 July 2012