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​How Dallas Buyers Club is busting iiNet pirates

Court documents have uncovered how Dallas Buyers Club tracked iiNet customers pirating the film using a system known as MaverickEye, also revealing that the IP addresses of torrent "leechers" were not recorded.

By 3 December 2014


iiNet returns to court to fight calls for customer information

It might not be "World War III", but iiNet is preparing for a big battle with the rights holders behind Dallas Buyers Club, resisting calls to hand over customer information and calling for more details on the "Maverick" system used to obtain IP addresses of alleged pirates.

By 10 November 2014


iiNet announces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus plan bundles

iiNet customers will soon be able to get their hands on Apple's newest handsets, with the ISP offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on 24-month plans bundled with home broadband.

By 3 November 2014


iiNet refuses to give up customers over 'Dallas Buyers Club' piracy

The rights holders behind "Dallas Buyers Club" are pursuing a number of ISPs, including iiNet, to reveal the names of customers alleged to have downloaded the Oscar-winning film.

By 22 October 2014


iiNet "furious" over slow NBN rollout

Despite a strong year for the ISP, iiNet's CEO has said he is "furious" about the slow rollout of the NBN in Australia, and "frustrated" by proposed data retention policies.

By 21 August 2014


'If you have the metadata, you have the content' says iiNet

iiNet has spoken out against mandatory data retention, saying "metadata reveals even more about an individual than the content itself".

By 29 July 2014


Village Roadshow says iiNet is "complicit" in piracy

Despite admitting it has been slow to bring content to Australia in the past, Village Roadshow says iiNet provides a faulty product that allows its customers to break the law.

By 26 June 2014


Village Roadshow defends 'three strikes' policy against piracy, says iiNet is "scaremongering"

​With iiNet once again sparking debate on piracy and Federal Government representatives refusing to rule out a 'three strikes' response to the issue, Village Roadshow has opened up about how such a policy would actually be enforced.

By 25 June 2014


Rights holders are 'control freaks peddling futility-on-a-stick,' says iiNet

As the piracy debate rages on in Australia, iiNet has once again issued a missive to rights holders calling them "content control freaks" who are trying to peddle "futility-on-a-stick" when it comes to tackling piracy.

By 24 June 2014


​'Piracy is everyone's responsibility': Foxtel and EzyFlix respond to iiNet salvo

Two of Australia's major content providers have defended their delivery models following claims from iiNet that Australians pirate content because there are few viable alternatives.

By 16 June 2014