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Free ways to protect against identity theft

Credit-reporting agencies, banks, and credit-card companies provide free services that help their customers detect, prevent, and recover from identity thieves.

By 7 March 2013


How to prevent identity theft

Awareness is the most important aspect of any computer-security scheme, so monitor all your online and financial accounts--and change your password regularly.

By 14 September 2011


Sony offers sign-up page for identity-theft protection

PSN and Qriocity users can now go to Sony's site to sign up for an identity-theft protection service. They need only to input an e-mail address to receive an activation code.

By 26 May 2011


Sony offers free identity theft protection for UK PlayStation gamers

Sony has finally revealed details of the identity protection service it's offering gamers in the UK and Europe.

By 18 May 2011


Identity Theft Council launches in Bay Area

Grassroots group helps train volunteers to counsel identity fraud victims.

By 4 November 2010


Identity theft crisis worsens for ID security CEO

Surprise! The CEO who displays his Social Security number in company ads has been the victim of ID theft multiple times.

By 20 May 2010


Study: Medical identity theft is costly for victims

New report finds that it can cost tens of thousands of dollars if someone uses your identity or insurance coverage to pay for medical treatment.

By 4 March 2010


Man gets four years for identity theft via P2P

Seattle resident gets 51 months in prison in what prosecutors call the first federal case against someone using file-sharing software to steal identities.

By 18 March 2008


Identity theft study reveals HSBC, BofA, Wamu top targets

Customers of HSBC, Bank of America, and Washington Mutual suffer highest rates of identity theft in the banking industry, according to report by a UC Berkeley Law School researcher.

By 28 February 2008


Parents, protect your kids from identity theft

Adults know that they need to protect their personal information from identity theft, but how many parents are aware that they need to develop the same awareness on behalf of their children? (parent.thesis) blogger Amy Tiemann presents some basic precaut

By 21 February 2008