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Twitter paid $36 million for IBM patents to avoid a lawsuit

Twitter never said how much it paid to acquire more than 900 patents from IBM last year, but a newly published SEC filing reveals the company was willing to spend big to avoid a patent-infringement battle.

By 8 March 2014


Did Facebook pay just $83M for that giant pile of IBM patents?

Social-networking giant's amended S-1 sheds light on how much it plunked down for patents in first quarter.

By 24 April 2012


IBM-patented floor could detect a heart attack, call the cops

The surface-based computing tech detects the shapes and weights of objects in contact with the floor to improve home security and provide medical support.

By 11 April 2012


Google's acquisition of IBM patents may aid its Oracle case

The Web giant adds more than 200 patents and patents pending from IBM, some of which could be used to defend against Android infringement claims by Oracle.

By 4 January 2012


Google acquires over 1,000 IBM patents

Company's purchase includes a host of patents related to everything "Web-based querying" to the "fabrication and architecture of memory and microprocessing chips."

By 30 July 2011


IBM patent claims show open source has arrived

Some mistakenly claim IBM's patent claims against the open-source OpenHercules project make it a foe to open source everywhere, but the truth is very different.

By 7 April 2010


IBM patents TV remote that updates Twitter, Facebook

Remote would post what you're watching to your Facebook, Twitter, blog, or other Web service. I don't know if I like this or not, but, well, no. I don't like it one bit.

By 2 September 2009


IBM patenting the fine art of patent trolling?

Is IBM seeking to patent the very process for earning money on patents?

By 25 October 2007


IBM's patent pledge: you and whose army?

IBM has been quiet on patents for some time, but Glyn Moody reminds us that IBM's patent pledge is still in effect, and only helpful if you're using an OSI-approved open source license.

By 28 June 2007


Hendrix song, IBM patents to be auctioned

'Scuse me, while I bid on this song catalog. Hendrix tune, networking protocols go on sale in New York.

By 29 August 2006