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'SadLab': Get a look at how Pixar makes you sob uncontrollably

Parody video goes behind the scenes at a fictional Pixar department that works tirelessly to find new ways to make movies that turn on the waterworks.

By 17 September 2015


$1000 genome sequencing ushers in a new era of scientific research

Genetics company Illumina has unveiled the HiSeq X, a new supercomputer that the company claims will cut the cost of genome sequencing to just US$1000.

By 17 January 2014


Professor seeks woman to give birth to Neanderthal

In a much-publicized interview, a Harvard geneticist says he can imagine cloning Neanderthals using genome sequencing. But the interview itself apparently got cloned all wrong.

By 23 January 2013


Tech Time Machine: 14 April

What makes us human? This big question was partially determined on this day in history.

By 14 April 2012


Proton promises us $1,000 genome mapping by year end

At CES, Life Technologies' Ion Torrent unveils a benchtop device that by year-end should decode a full human genome in one day for $1,000.

By 11 January 2012


How much would you pay to see your future?

Three years after the human genome was sequenced at a price tag of $3 billion, Complete Genomics does it for just $4,400 in material cost.

By 8 November 2009


Launch of new flu database ruffles feathers

A scientific group grappling for control of EpiFlu--a free, publicly available database of influenza gene sequencing--creates a new one with the same name.

By 16 September 2009


Google CEO, Microsoft exec on Obama tech board

Eric Schmidt and Craig Mundie will serve to advise the Obama administration on matters of science, technology, and innovation.

By 28 April 2009


Obama's CIO wants more citizen activity on Web

Vivek Kundra, President Obama's choice for federal chief information officer, wants to spur new industries and government solutions by engaging Americans online.

By 6 March 2009


Obama names science and technology team

President-elect Barack Obama has named leaders in climate change, cancer research, and genetic research to head his science and technology team.

By 23 December 2008